Wednesday, September 30, 2015

U-ha, Um Hmm....

Well, I've said before, and will again, the "Arts" are timeless.....  I came across this tune in, of all places, a Starbucks this morning.  I sware, Starbucks sucess isnt just the fact that they serve over caffinated coffee drawing you back in like an addict needing a fix, but that they seriously take the time to consider what works with the public - in this case, catchy music!

So unlike the "post-Beatles" period where the music is complex enough that you have to hear it a time or two before it hooks you, in these days there was a certain "simplicity" that I love.  I think this will get stuck in your head after only hearing it once, and man this teenage girl from literally the year I was born has a great voice!  Ok, give it a listsen, will only take once!  (The internet thinks this is country, adding further proof to my Country Music problem...)

So I'm only running about 5 miles a day after my "ablation" to stop my A-Fib, which best I can tell seems to be working.  Oh, the doctor said that after 3 days I could go back to "normal" activity, so I was ready to jam in training for my late season, but the Librarian "intercepts" this, and asks the doctor if he really understands what I consider normal.  Well, apparently (when I was not around) my doctor "decided" which I suspect really meant the Librarian informed him, that I need to limit my mileage to 5 a day for a few weeks (which is now over).  So back at it this weekend, although my training has been poor, I'm fat, and my pace is awful - but I still seem to have a bit of endurance left; we'll see this weekend!

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