Friday, July 24, 2015

I'm Coming Out.....

Well, I thought I'd kick off my first post after my time off with a topic that has nothing to do with running - it's far bigger than that actually.  I've decided, that I'm coming out.  Publicly.  To anyone who might read this - so here goes.

I've seen a lot of people go through difficult "out-comings" in my day, right up to the recent Bruce Jenner, also known as, well, some girl name.  Bruce can do it.  Why can't I?  All right, I'm building up courage, but I'll tell you, this is a far bigger deal than Bruce's "outing"....

Ok.  Deep breath.....

For years I've laid down posts about......  Country Music.

I'd slam it for being overly "twangy".  Depressing.  A throwback to a long lost era.  And it's true, most of it really does suck.

But lately I've discovered a song I can't help liking.....  Should it have been "non-country"?  No, this song is country, and frankly singing it any other way wouldn't work.  Both singers really push the country twang, and yet....  Well, I think this song is PERFECT! 

 Image result for country music

So, I'm coning out in a big, difficult, and painful way.  Yes, I apparently now like country music!  There, I just said it. 

So, I've come out as a Country Music Listener.  Whew, I feel much better now!  Anyway, I live in 'Merica, I can listen to what I wont.....  riiiight?

Ok, here it is, the song that put me over the edge.  I think it's perfect, and a GREAT running song!  The librarian gave me some complaint about it being about "friends with benefits", immoral, unethical and all sorts of other highfalutin stuff; I just like the melody.  I think this Blake guy might have a future, and Ashley's voice is perfect.  A bit "Dolly-Patton" rip off, but still pretty good.  I think she's done other duets with Kid Rock, and pretty much anyone else that's popular.....

So here it is - I hope it doesn't mess you up like it did me!

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