Sunday, April 22, 2012

"But you, Pay the Bill, cause, That's the Deal!"

So why is this song FIRMLY stuck in my head?  Well, after multiple shows of watching the Trail Slammers daughter in a cast role, and my son, the Hockey Slammer after having had a large part in building the set, manning the ropes to pull scenery and curtains up and down (Fly Rail), well, this song just stuck; its a happy play, and sure Travolta did all right, but I'd prefer HANK any day!  And that's all I got to say about that....

So its been a good running winter, no doubt about that.  I've been rampin' up my long run Saturdays, and exclusively they have been at the park, and walking up all hills.  Started at 12 miles, upping 2 miles a week, but quickly realized that at this rate I wouldn't even be ready for a 5K by Christmas, so I moved to my "Marathon every Saturday" approach - which I hadn't even started last year until mid summer.  So yesterday was my second, and I'd set out to keep my average pace (including all walking) to under 10:45 - but nope, I ended at 11:10, which was very disappointing.  Weekly mileage has only been at about 50, so that's disappointing too, and this morning (Sunday) I went to the park and decided to do a run (no walks) and target 9:15-9:30, and came in after 7 miles at 9:45.  Arg.  Of course I had just run 26.3 yesterday, and frankly these back to back runs make for a very, well, interesting first mile!

Other than that though my focus is on a 50 mile run that kicks my but every year, late May in Gnaw Bone Indiana.  This year I plan to be ready though, and all in all my training is probably a month ahead of normal, so that's good, I guess.  Shortly afterword is Kettle Moraine 100, the First of the Trail Slammers big show's, and I'll definitely be ready for that - although only one week before I'll be running the Bayshore full, which I intend to jog and walk - I guarantee a time no better than 4 hours for that one - I'm rigging the Garmin to give me an electric shock if my pace is any quicker.

So as usual, after a disappointing run of efforts, I turn on the I pod and look for guidance.  Kate comes on, and here it is; fellow ultrer's understand this completely: