Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's a Song that I Sing, Beacuse I Have to...

So I've been meaning to put this story into words for about a year now, and decided I'd better do it before it's gone.  It was a typical day at work, and a friend of mine (who actually paced me for a loop at the local 100), was standing around with a new young intern girl named (of course) Jennifer.  Now Jennifer was definitely "all that", but unfortunately (or fortunately), I'm finally at the age where I find "all that" to be interesting, but not so much so as I used to - in fact if anything I feel more fatherly and protective these days over young girls; I swear I could never be able to handle a daughter - as I said, she wouldn't date until she was 30!

Anyway, my friend and her were talking about, you guessed it, running.  Seems that Jennifer was going to run her first 10K, and she was pumped beyond belief!  It always makes me smile to see the excitement in someone's eyes who is really thrilled about that next run; the run that stretches their limits.  Anyway, of course my friend spills the beans on the ultra running, and right away I get the big, doe eyes -"Oh, wow, 50 miles?  100 miles?"  And I do what I always do, I try to talk to her about her upcoming 10K and how cool that is. 

After she walked away, my friend gives me the "are you nuts" lecture - "You know, if you would have told her to jump off a bridge, she would have - all she wanted to do was talk about Ultra running, and all you would do is talk about her 10K, and maybe someday doing a half - are you nuts??"

Well, maybe I am, and as I've said before, I do think that the mentality of a long term Ultra runner is somewhat compulsive, somewhat obsessive, and definitely masochistic - no, I wasn't going to blow smoke about this; I really just thought that running for "health", fun, and the challenge of a goal was awesome, and why not just let her live that?  But no, I had no intention of fueling dreams of this insanity! 

So I've posted this song before, but it is definitely in my list of top 5 over the past three years, and a GREAT running song - AND, it completely applies to this situation...  I first heard this in a coffee shop on a Sunday morning - I truly wish it would get some air time; it's an awesome song...

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  1. And it's behavior like that based on thoughts like this that lead so many people to think you're a great person. You really are!