Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Could vs. Should

Funny how in running these two words show up so often.  Outside of running, I know I COULD take a stapler home from work, but I know I shouldn't.  I know I COULD surprise the Librarian by vacuuming the entire house unexpectedly, but I know I WON'T.  Heck, I know I SHOULD paint the kid's bathroom, as apparently my clever fish theme became a bit, well, young for them when they hit their mid teens - but I probably WON'T do that either (unless the Librarian reads this entry).  And you know, I knew I COULD run that stupid 50K with the Trail Slammer, but I also knew I SHOULDN'T!

So, he did it again, forcing me to run an informal 50K (Actually 32.4 miles, not the requisite 31, but hey, who's counting?) with some friends of his.  It had snowed the night before leaving a nice 2-3" on the ground, and the "trails" were at best packed down snow, at worst, well, indistinguishable.  But really it wasn't that bad - a great group of guys, and we were VERY slow on the average; I really enjoyed the time with the Trail Slammer, who I hadn't seen much of over the winter.

But MAN, am I paying for it!  I haven't run past 16 miles since the Detroit Marathon in October, and actually my long run since then was only, well, 16....  ONCE!  I've been trying to run fast and short, building up, so 50K on trails (complete with BRUTAL hills), was a system shocker.  As I write this it's been only 3 days, and my quads still hurt like I just ran my first marathon - I've reinvented walking sideways down stairs!  And to make matters worse, I took some crap from the TS about my florescent, "look at me" yellow jacket - he seemed to be pondering how to include that in his next Podcast, so my only hope with this is that since he seems to go three months between entries, he'll forget!

And by the way, check out Kate with ELMO!  (Couldn't be all about running you know, she would look good with Kermit the Frog!)


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