Monday, December 5, 2011

So You're Tellin' Me There's a Chance!

For me the Blog is a funny thing; one minute I'm interested, the next I'm not.  Actually, the last 4 months have been incredibly busy for me, mostly working around procuring, and starting a new job.  So I started to peel off things that were not really "needed" demands of my time, and the Blog went.  But I admit I missed it a bit...

I saw a shirt at a recent event on the back of a runner; it said "I run so I can Blog about it"!  Sometimes I wonder really the purpose of blogging at all; is it for "attention"?  To practice your writing?  Well, for me its a bit of a "release", so that's why the entries don't necessarily stay on one topic, any more than in my head I stay on one topic, but the long and short is I think its time to start writing a bit again.  Ok, so runs?  The quick "Run Down".

Actually 2011 ended a bit better then 2010 did, with no long term injury (as I had in 2010 that cost me an entire winter of running, leaving me in sorry shape for the Spring of 2011).  But not this time; all is good.

1) 2011 Local 100 was plagued with rain, and for some unknown reason I quit at 100K.  Actually the 100K and 100 Mile people started together, and the pretense was that you could drop to the 100K and not DNF - even pick up a metal.  So I did that in the pouring rain.  No excuse really, I could have kept going, but just lacked motivation (note title of my Blog; I told you!)

2) Local 50 Mile - Actually ran pretty well really, a very even pace.  Not a PR, but a good day.

3) Detroit Marathon.  Came out hard (7:45 or so) and at 6 miles in had a hamstring pull.  I thought I was out of it, but limped, jogged, walked the remaining 20 for a rather sad finish of 4 hours, but still pulled it off.  Hamstring is still there a bit, not sure what's up with that.

4) Detroit Turkey Trot 10K - Allot of fun!  Total log jam, lined up way too far back, and had a horrible time, but a great time!

So I'm signed up for the Trail Slammers Mid-Slam-Grand-Something-Something-Run-Walk-Race-Something Thing.  Actually this I'm hoping to be a motivator; I plan to race a lot in 2012 to train; that works well for me.  Already signed up for a few marathons as training runs, but the short of it is I think I'm doomed....

1) Kettle Moraine - ran this before and dropped at 50 miles or so.  Had been a blistering hot day, and then became a torrential downpour.  I believe only 4 people finished the full 100 that year.  My chance of finishing, 1:20.

2) Mohican's - it will be way hot, I'll shrivel up.  1:40

3) Burning River - Even hotter.  1:60

4) Hallucination - That one is pretty easy, usually cool out.  1:20

So, my overall chance of finishing this is about 1 in 4,000 I think, which really are better odds then usual!

So Jim just asked Mary "What the chances are of 'a girl like him ending up with a guy like her...'".

"So your telling me there's a chance!"

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  1. Good to have you back in print Doctor! TS