Monday, December 12, 2011


Somehow when I ran the Detroit marathon, something bad happened.  My best guess is that while I was in pretty decent cardio shape, my leg muscles were way more trained for the painfully slow pace of ultras, and I simply went out faster than my legs wanted; the result, a hamstring problem.

It happened at about mile 6; didn't knock me out, but I did spend the rest of my sad event jogging and walking, and the back of my left leg, especially down toward the back of my knee really hurt!  In fact, the problem seems to be back.  I'm still getting out, but very bad runs, no more than 7 miles, including a GREAT deal of walking, and average paces approaching 10 minutes.  I'll admit though, the constant walking breaks really have made the runs enjoyable!  I've enjoyed the outside air, and in general it has been reminding me why I like to get out.  I am still however pushing it; the TS's event is lurking just around the corner, and I plan to be ready...

But as embarrassing as this has been, I'm more concerned not that someone has seen me, but rather they have heard the song I've been listening too on the I-Pod  - allot!  So I know what you're thinking, and I'll just say it; this song is NOT country!  Seriously, I hate Country music, so this cannot be country!  So if you happen to pass me and hear the song I've put on constant replay, I assure you this is not Country, but rather simply a nice tune, with a good singer.  After all, the song is happy, and never complains about anything, unlike country, and further there is an actual Melody too it, unlike most twangy, pig-kissing country music.  Seriously, I don't think it's POSSIBLE not to like this song!

No, it's not country, THAT would be EMBARRASSING!

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