Friday, August 5, 2011

That Puts My Feelings Out!

Well, I’m a bit….  Ok, sad….

Why?  I subscribe to a discussion board on Yahoo where runners talk about Leadville.  Every day I receive emails where runners talk about weather conditions, tips and tricks, and over time you feel the enthusiasm build up, and this year is no exception – the run is in just a few weeks.  The difference this year, is that I won’t be there…  And that, as my first son “Marcus Welby” said when he was very little,  “Puts my feelings out”.

And it does – it does put my feelings out.  Why?  Because I absolutely LOVE that race!  Ok, right off, I ran it last year and the year before, and both missed the cutoff at Winfield – but no matter, I covered the entire course, and frankly it may well be one of the most AWESOME experiences of my life!  In a nutshell, I was counting on this course being cold, grey, and rainy as it usually is, but as Tony Kaputula said in his blog, by mile 65 he was on track to set a course record, but by mile 70 the record setting heat of the day combined with sun and altitude had dried him up! 

Well, that got me both years, and both years looked almost exactly the same – ran very well around Turquoise, barreled up, and down sugar loaf, started to cook by Power line, and coming into Twin lakes I knew I was firing on about 3 of 8 cylinders, although I was still very mid pack – so what next?  HOPE!  The climb from 9,200 to 12,600 feet absolutely destroyed me both times, and I struggled into Winfield a shell of a man, barely able to extract any oxygen out of the thin air.  Now in hindsight, if I “just wouldn’t have spent so much time on top of Hope taking pictures” or “just would have picked up the pace a little bit up that mountain” I might have made the cutoff – I really wasn’t that far off.  But sometimes it just is what it is, and I just tell people that each year I finished the “Leadville 50”.  And I have ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS!  Seriously, I made 50 miles of very high altitude mountain running, with the best athletes in the world!  How bad can that be? (In fairness to myself, I sometimes don’t suck at this as much as I make myself out to…)

And as I sit here, knowing that the event is coming up, and somehow they actually “sold out” before I got my application in, well, it puts my feelings out.  If they hadn’t sold out, would I go, like right now?  Hmmm….  YES!  That simple.  I’m probably better trained then I was last year, and just maybe it will be cool this year.  I miss it, and I will go in 2012.  End of story….

But my feelings are put out….  :(

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