Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Plan….

You ever sit around and think, “Man, if only I could actually DO the things I want to do, and sit around planning to do?  I would love to do XXXXX and YYYYYY, and from time to time I’ve tried to do ZZZZZ, but it just never really seems to happen…”  Well, August is it for the Doctor; I have a plan, and it’s to take a number of these things, and actually DO them!  Ok, so this is me showing some vulnerability, but here it is; the things that I’ll do in August.  And August is perfect timing in preparation for the Fall season – H100, D26.2, and DWD50M.  So…..

1)      The big one, I will FINALLY break a 300 mile month.  Looking back at Sportstracks the last few years, I’ve come within 10 mile twice – this time I’ll summit over it.  Sure, we’ve all run the occasional 100 mile week, but stringing them back to back for a month is a LOT different.  But how?  Easy, my week day mileage has been effected by these weekend long runs.  I’ll stop letting that happen!  Plus, I’ve offered up a challenge to the Trail Slammer – I’ll put a table on the blog and update it daily with my mileage, AND HIS!  It could be a fun contest, in fact if anyone else wants in, just say.  It’ll be the “Trail Slammer, Slam-Up-Down-Doctor Mileage Challenge…..”  As I told him, sure, maybe he can run faster than me.  Maybe further.  And maybe he looks better in those spandex, chapstick, sponsor pants, BUT I think I can take him on overall mileage – we’ll see if he signs on.  (I doubt it; I’m afraid those spandex pants have caused some serious damage to particular areas that provide manliness and courage….)

2)     Ok, no meat for August.  Yep, I’ve been an aspiring vegetarian for some time, with a number of good attempts, usually ending up with me running out into a field, grabbing an unsuspecting cow by the neck, and actually taking a bite out of the side of it (and then being kicked 20-30 feet)!  But I’m trying again – I’m already looking for fish recipes!

3)      Weights twice a week.  I hate lifting, but I can do it twice a week. (I always say that, but never seem to.  Now I will.  At least for August….)

4)      Yoga once or twice a week.  Yes, I love Yoga; I truly believe it’s the best form of stretching around.  Again, I’m not so much into the spiritual thing, and BTW, Bikram yoga is founded on a flawed premise – Guess what guys, humans are warm blooded, and raising the temperature in a room by 20 degrees before doing Yoga does NOT “warm up your muscles” – your body holds 98.6 degree (best it can anyway).  The Bikram guys should read a biology book on the difference between warm and cold blooded animals.  However, if Fish or Frogs were in the class, being cold blooded, I’d have to say they might reek some benefit while doing their Yoga routine.  But not humans, and not me.  I just sweat – if I wanted that I’d just sign up for another Ultra in the 95 degree sun…

That’s it, and to keep me honest, I’ll put up, as I mentioned, a chart for August and you can see my awesome success, or spiraling failure – but I’ll shoot for the success part this time…..  Oh, 7 last night hard on trails.

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