Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a SIGN!

Well, probably best to write an entry that has something to do with running at some point.  As I’ve been saying, I still have a dream.  An idea.  A belief.  Simply put, my belief is that I’m still a decent runner, I’m well trained, and when this 2 month heat wave breaks and I can run in at least semi cool weather, I’ll be back to running as I know I can.  But I have to tell you, this has been hard to hold onto.  For a stretch I had a number of very good weeks, however the last two weeks of long runs have been total busts!  A night run with the Trail Slammer and a group of people did not get me the 31 I wanted, followed by another night run (Trail Slammer again) where I pretty much dragged down the little guy because apparently I could only run for 14 miles.  But you go through these things, and my latest goal of 300 August miles, and wiping the Trail Slammer in overall distance is driving me a bit – and then I had a stomach bug!  It goes from bad to worse…

But yesterday something happened.  Something beautiful, as if a message.  The big thing is that the stomach bug FINALLY seems to have gone away (unfortunately though I think the Librarian has it!)  Well, get this, yesterday evening it rained – hard!  And then the temperature DROPPED to about 70!  Perfect timing, as I went out for my 8 mile Trail run, because I was reminded what I can do if the temperature drops!  For 8 miles I darted through the woods with only an occasion stop for water – keeping a very good sub 9 pace, and very little effort.  I felt light, great spirits, and my form even looked a bit like the Trail Slammers!  (Ok, I rib him enough; I’ll admit that he has pretty decent running form, and I often try to emulate it). 

In a way it reinforced to me that if the weather is cool, I really can run – we’ll see, but I guess that confirms the “Local 100” is on for me.  I do need to get my long runs back to 31 in the next few weeks, but  my weight is down, mileage up, no injuries at all (knock on wood), and no excuses left!

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