Friday, July 15, 2011

"I Want to Believe"

I remember watching the X-Files, years ago, and agent “what’s his name” had a poster behind his desk reading “I want to Believe” – referring to UFO’s and other crazy stuff.  Well, I feel a lot like that these days, and I’ll tell you why.

Wisconsin was HOT.  90+ degrees, and sunny on a very exposed course.  I had a plan, and I drank a full half bottle per mile, although I unfortunately shorted myself on salt, a mistake I won’t make again.  20 miles in and I could feel it, and this course was like nothing I have to train on at home – huge 500 foot cliffs, and lots of exposed trail – and the heat started early.  Actually I really do like the course, but at the 25 mile mark I had a choice, turn left to finish the 50K, or right to attack the 50 miles – the same choice I had at my last 50 mile run, and I was in the same state of dehydration.  This time I turned left, and I was glad I did, because by mile 30 my left quad was cramping so bad I could barely walk!  At mile 27 I was very sick, proving that I simply cannot process as much water as I sweat on a very hot day – it was discouraging, as I know I’m much better than this, but, as agent “what’s his name” would say, “I still believe…”

What I mean is, I KNOW I’m running very well right now.  I’m moving my “Marathon Every Saturday” plan to “50K every Saturday” – as long as I stay out of 90 degree weather I seem to do very well.  My belief is simple; as discouraging as recent races have been, I believe I’m very well trained, and that as fall approaches, and cooler weather starts, I’ll be able to race closer to my potential.  Sounds easy, but mentally I’m a bit torn up – but, I do believe!

50K on the street in the morning, and I plan to beat my 50K run in Wisconsin by about 2 hours.  Of course, it will be cooler, and the street is a LOT easier then this course, but I’m still looking forward to it!  The following week will be 50K on the trails.  At this point would it take audacity to sign up for the fall 100 Mile run?  I’ve pulled it off before -


  1. Nice run, Dr. Seriously, disappointing as it may have been, it surely would have been an epic tale of woe and suffering had you turned right at the junction. Sometimes making the right decision still leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.

    BTW, has one of those UFO's from XFiles made off with Dale? Trail Slammer is AWOL!

  2. Na, he's still around, mostly working on his yard and grumpier than ever. We did a night run together last Friday with some other folks - started at midnight, home around 6. He's running just as well as ever...

  3. Your powers over him are truly awe-inspiring. Here it is-less than 24 hours after I leave this comment on your blog and who shows up with a new episode? Yep; Dale the Trail Slammer. Your powers of suggestion over him must be incredible!

  4. Great post .... you should already be signed up for a 100 in the fall. What are you waiting for?

  5. HA! No one has power over the Trail Slammer! (Not sure who this "Dale" guy is that you're talking about though...) My best bet is to say the exact OPPOSITE of what I want him to do - and even then..... He's like the brother I never wanted.... ;)