Monday, July 4, 2011

Best Since 'Hot and Cold'! or "I'm screwed.... oh Well!"

Just when I thought Kate couldn't get any better.  Just when I thought I couldn't say "I told you so" any more about Katy Perry - this song may be as good as 'Hot and Cold'!  It was the funniest thing, as I sat around the pool, beer in hand yesterday, (roughing it at the campground) this song came on the booming speakers - and simultaneously at least 10 12 year old kids, singing along with Kate yell you - "I'm Screwed - Oh well!!" See, it's not just me and the Trail Slammer that love Kate now!  Boy, times have changed a bit!  :)

Oh,  So we're camping at the area of the Pinkey Run, right on the Asav trails.  11.5 easy Saturday, 10 easy Sunday, 5 easy Monday - probably just a few miles a day, or less from here out until the Wisconsin 50...

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