Monday, June 27, 2011

Well, Maybe it’s Time to Buy a Compass…..

So the Trail Slammer really ticks me off.  I have been pretty comfortable for a while in my total lack of self confidence, but unfortunately something seems to be changing lately – I’m running, well….  “well”.  My “marathon every Saturday” plan , and 7 mile follow up on Sunday is going just fine, and frankly becoming somewhat less challenging – Saturday I again modified the run, deciding to focus on “time on my feet” and set my target pace for 5 hours.  I walked up every hill, and everything that looked like a hill, and even some areas that looked like they might have been a hill at one point in geological history.  The weather was nice, and I genuinely enjoyed this run.  I got back in 4:45, including all stops at rest areas, some with magazines, some not (the Trail Slammer met up with me a bit too, but clearly the pace was more than he could take, and a mile before my turn around he, well, turned around himself; he only needed 16 that morning).  Anyway, the “run” was fun, and I spent a lot of time looking at scenery – I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it helped me build up a false sense of confidence (notice I mentioned it was cool outside!)  Two weeks out from a Wisconsin 50 mile run, and I couldn’t be much more ready.

But, oh yea, the Trail Slammer.  Well, because of him I’ve been looking at compasses at REI.  They have round ones, ones with mirrors, and ones that you can offset magnetic north with. They have manual ones, and electronic ones.  They have altimeters,  pocket knives, can openers, and all sorts of other cool things on them!  But why would I ever invest the money in one of these awesome devices?  Good question – but the answer appears to be this Berkley hike that the TS has been working on me about!  Of course as I’ve mentioned, it really doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me, to be honest.  You hardly walk, and you climb a few hills; I really don’t see what the issue is.  Plus, it’s not at altitude, and that time of year its cool out – seriously, what’s the big deal?  BUT, the cool thing about it I think is that you need a compass (and of course an essay) to do it, and so I think I may have found an excuse to buy the compass / altimeter, barometer, and thing on the stock that tells time from REI!  

So, I’m working on understanding the details, and I figure that I have little chance of getting in any way since I have no idea how to use the compass at all yet, or compassing experience to put on my secret application, but after all, I have a lot of respect for the trail Slammers compassing abilities, and if he says it’s a good place to practice using a compass, then maybe it’s worth trying for.  

So yea, I’m a bit ticked at him, since it’s his fault I now need to buy a compass (and altimeter, barometer, clock, and coffee maker all in one) – once again he’s costing our family money and adding stress.  BUT, the compass seems really cool, so I suspect it will all be worth it…..

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  1. The Barkley Bug may have bitten, you are cursed and doomed but will love it! TS