Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey what ya' doin with a Girl like That?

Ok, the Trail Slammer gets partial blame for this corny post – and you’ll see why.  As some may know, when I run, music is not far behind.  In fact, except for the occasional short race, or run with friends, it’s ALWAYS with me – in fact I’m convinced I really can’t run on my own power at all, but when I turn on the IPod I’m a lot like the guys in the Matrix; it’s plugged into my head, and my body is totally in tune with it.  I can run for miles listening to the same song over and over, and a lot like when you drive a familiar rout, look at the Garmin to see I’ve run 3 miles and forgot I was running!  And worse, I sometimes do find some spirituality in my music, I admit it.  After 20+ miles my head turns everything into deep meaning, and that’s my intro into this post…

As I mentioned, I’ve been running a LOT of hard street miles these days, although as I also mentioned, I’m convinced that I’m the guy that invented trail running, and these street miles have come at the expense of missing out on being in the woods.  Ok, my training is going well, I’m getting that summer time feeling of just generally feeling good all the time, but I do think I need to set my balance back to trails, at least somewhat.  Last Saturday I pulled off 26.2 in the woods, but this Saturday will be 26.2 on streets – not looking forward to that one, especially since the Librarian has a running event that evening (yep, 6 hours later) where I’ll need to get another 14 with her.  But anyway, last week was my venture back into the woods, and man, I really felt like I was coming home.  Not 3 miles in as I ran along I saw a deer out of the corner of my eye, and stopped to have a stare down with him, not 20 feet off the trail.  I truly love the woods, and trail running, and at that point I did the same trick I did before deciding that Leadville was in my future; I did the “Give me a sign” bit back then, and “Rocky Mountain High” came on my IPod.  But this time I was talking to the trails, and asking them about street running, and when I did, like clockwork the song below starts up!

Now why the Trail Slammer?  Well, a few years ago as I tried to convince him that Katy Perry had a great future, and he wouldn’t budge on the topic, he kind of softly admitted that he liked this Taylor Swift gal.  In hindsight he was right on – I really like this song – it’s a great running song, and on this run it was talking to me!  

I hope to be as lucky this weekend, but the streets are probably mad at me from my “betrayal” – so Saturday 26.2 Street under 8:30 – then 14 easy trails in the evening.  7 Sunday.  All prayers accepted!

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