Monday, June 6, 2011

At el’ do donkay…. At el do….

 As much as I like to complain (about everything), I have to say, it’s been a pretty good week.  After a rather disappointing 10K of 47 last weekend, the past week went something like this:

1) Monday – Run with Trail Slammer and my son at the local park – 3 Easy.

2) Tuesday – 6.2 lunchtime hard in the blazing sun (I really don’t doubt my running ability; what I doubt is my ability to stay hydrated.  The only way I know to even attempt to deal with this is to heat acclimate, so when it’s hot out, I’m running).

3) Wednesday – Actually the Head Goat (A friend that owns a few Running stores) put on an informal 10K that evening.  It was a nice night, and the course was easy rolling gravel roads, and I FLEW!  I beat my weekend 10K by at least 5 minutes; I think I ended up around 42 or so, in a very strange way.  My legs were feeling far stronger and faster than my cardio could keep up with, so I literally sprinted a third mile, then walked for 10 steps to catch my breath, then repeat – I must have done that 30 times (Ok, I was never good at math).  But the result was way quick – then I jogged out to find the Librarian and ran in with her, followed by beer and pizza!  So 6.2 very hard, and 5 or so easy.

4) Thursday, 4.5 with my older son, including about 2 very quick trail miles.

5) Friday off…

6) Saturday – I decided to go back to the trails.  I’ve been working the “street run” approach to just about everything, all fast miles; if I’m slower than 8:15 on a 20 mile run I’m upset with myself, but frankly I’ve been growing tired of it.  Well Saturday it didn’t take more than a few miles to remind me where my heart was, and I started battling it out with the local park trail.  For the first 20 I kept under 10:30, and only walked the occasional hill, but 20-24 my old dehydration friend was showing up, so I slowed a bit.  24-26 was sad, but not too bad – so 26.2 medium pace trails.  Maybe back on the street next Saturday, but I really enjoyed this run….

7) Sunday – 7 with the Trail Dog – and my legs felt fine.

I’ve been ramping back up the Yoga, and I think that really helps my flexibility and ultimately my running.  I’m still not so much into the “spirituality” of it (in fact as everyone else is ”Ummmmm”ing, I’m just counting how at $18 an hour, that hum sound just cost me 50 cents), but I do think it’s the best stretching approach going, and it really works for me.

So, decent mileage, good speed, and my legs are feeling much better; I’ve even dropped a few pounds.  I just need to keep getting out in the heat.  So, as Shrek told Donkey after crossing the burning bridge to the castle, “At el’ do donkay….  At el do….”

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