Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well That's Embarrassing...

Well, I just couldn’t let it go.  No, I guess an Ultra runner never settles, even if it results in driving themselves into the ground.  Of course I’m talking about the Indiana event, better known as the “Great Disaster of Indiana”.  Well, I have a lot of excuses, most of them probably valid, I guess.  Last 50M I ran was last fall and did very well.  Shortly after that I hurt my hip, and lost most any winter training.  I’ve been ramping up, but I’m still 10 pounds fat if not more, and frankly, I probably wasn’t really quite ready for a 50M yet.

“But no, that’s no way to think.”  Heck, this was my longest run since that last 50M, and as it turns out, if I would have just split off at the 50K turnoff I could have gotten my medal, and boasted a mediocre 50K time.  But I didn’t.  I had to keep going, because I was still able to walk.  Sure I was as usual dehydrated.  Sure I took a wrong turn and added a number of miles, which I figure really helped me get the most for my money.  But at that magical station where I could have headed for a relaxing 50K, I turned right instead, as the Librarian and my son shoved me off.  That was mile 25 – of course if you hadn’t gotten the opportunity to run extra like I did – for me it was even more.

By 31 I was dragging, throwing up every mile, and could hardly walk – the day was semi warm, very humid, and the sun was out – I was sweating ridiculously, and I have no heat acclimation.  Great.  But on I went.  At mile 36 I was up against cut offs, and knew I wouldn’t make the next station in time.  I dropped.  Arggg…

Ok, well I’ll look at this as a good thing – I was hurt, didn’t run during the Winter, ramping up training; I just have some work to do is all.  I’m already losing weight, and the training miles will be back up as school winds down.  At least 2 more 50Ms this summer, and I’m now determined to do a fall 100M.  That’s it – Blogs don’t change reality – less talk, more training….

Although I must say I've ran this event 4 times now and dropped once, and I've never had to drop out of Barkley, so obviously this was the more difficult event...

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  1. Dr. it's you and me at Barkley next year! Let's do it! And also the local 100! Throwing up is the best way to lose weight anyway, so good race! Trail Slammer