Monday, May 2, 2011

Two Tails of a Run......

The Doctor's version….

Every Sunday for months now, I have had the pleasure of taking my best furry friend, “The Trail Dog”, out for a run at the local park.  Really she is a great runner, and is always VERY enthusiastic when she sees the leash come out!  We are a great team – I really love that fur ball.  In fact she knows a few words; Left, Right, Don’t pull, and Home.  Usually she starts the run by leading me, by mile 6 she’s along side or behind, but always it’s a “squirrel hunt”!  Oh yea, the minute she gets sight of a squirrel, the leash goes tight, and she does her best to show that if that leash wasn’t on, she’d be having squirrel for dinner!  Another runner may go past us from the other direction with a dog, and she’ll show little interest.  A deer 10 feet of the trail, na, who cares; but a squirrel?  That’s serious business, and she always finds energy for that!

So a few weeks ago it was a Sunday morning like any other, but really neither of us was in a very good mood at all.  For some reason we could never really get in “sync” on our run.  Every time we came up to a tree near the path, she’d jerk just the opposite way of me, and the leash would get caught up, causing her to get a quick strangulation, and me an arm jerked out of its socket.  She had to stop allot for various reasons, and so did I.  The path was wet as it had just rained, and of course she ran right through every puddle she could instead of going around it like I did, which was very frustrating, insuring that the librarian was going to let me have it when I came home with a half golden, half brown dog.

As we went on the run became worse, and our frustration level at each other seemed to grow; personally I was becoming more angry by the minute, letting her know pretty constantly how annoyed I was getting.  We’ve run hundreds of miles together – she can do better than this! It was a bad day.

 Then it happened – as we were at the height of our mutual annoyance, we started down a rather steep but short hill, and it all happened very quickly.  First of all she decided to STOP, for no reason at all!  Slamming on the brakes, I lost my balance, and was on the hairy edge of biting the dirt.  Of course simultaneously a squirrel pops out on the trail, and being the Trail dog, she goes for it, assuring my fate.  I hit the ground hard and tumbled, and apparently she felt the tension on the leash because she turned back – I recall flying through the air, looking down at her.

A few rolls later, of course in the mud, I lied their looking up, with a great deal of anger – SHE did this!  I looked up, but only for a second, because within a moment I saw her furry but backing up, and sitting right on my head!  I was in pain, muddy, furious, with a dog butt on my face!

Of course that was all I could take, and I quickly flipped that 75 pound hound onto the ground, got her on her back, and proceeded to pin her down and tell her how she may be going back to the pet store – I was sure their return policy lasted at least 8 years!  I messed her up a bit, and then we laid there until I had the strength to get going again….

We got up, I scraped the mud off myself, and we finished our run, not saying much.  I was a mess.  She was a mess.  What a terrible run…

The Doctor


The Trail Dogs Version.

What a great run me and dad had a few weeks ago!  Dad and I go to the Local Park for a trail run every Sunday morning and I LOVE it!  PLUS, each run I get to chase squirrels up trees!  I really hate squirrels, and this is always my chance to let them know how I feel.

Anyway, a few weeks ago we had a run that was AWESOME!  Dad was in a bad mood of some sort; he was always yelling about something, and every time we came up to a tree near a path he would go the wrong way, and hurt my neck and his arm – I must say that part was a bit annoying, but all in all, it was a lot of fun!  There was a lot of mud to run through too!  When we find a wet spot in the path, dad likes it if I go through the water while he goes to the side, I think that’s because he likes to see how much of my fur I can cover with mud – it’s very interesting to him, so I try to make him happy. 

Anyway, get this.  We were running down a path, when all of a sudden, well, you know how it is, I got an ear itch.  I did what anyone would do, I stopped to itch it!  Just then I see behind me dad doing some clown dance, and apparently wanting to jump down on the ground to play with me!  Well, at that moment when you thought things couldn’t get any better, a squirrel has the nerve to jump out in front of us, possibly getting ready to attack dad!  I couldn’t let that happen, so I went after it!  Well I’m not sure what dad was doing then, but somehow I saw him actually fly over top of me!  It was crazy!  Man, that guy really wanted to play!  Next thing I knew he was laying on the ground in front of me, and I guess he decided to see if he could look muddier than me – in fact I think he pulled it off!  It was AWSOME!

Well, as we always do, when it’s time to play I tend to sit on top of people, and so I backed up to sit on him!  He really seemed to like that, because next thing you knew he had actually picked me up, and had me on my back in the mud with him!  He gave me about the best 3 minute belly rub I ever had!  After that we both just kind of laid there looking up at the clouds and making shapes out of them; I saw one that looked like a squirrel in a garbage disposal, and he said he saw one that looked like a Jacuzzi hot tub.

Finally we got up and finished our run, just me and my dad……  Possibly the best run ever!  :)

Trail Dog…..