Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pinky Finger Run,

I have to tell you, this whole bit of keeping names “anonymous” is a bit on the challenging side!  Ok, all right, I’ll give it a go, as I thought this last weekend was worth writing about.

As I may have mentioned, my wife, the “Librarian” is a bit of a runner herself.  Actually she’s pretty good at the “run-walk” thing, and in credit to her, not nearly so compulsive as I am.  But she does make a point of two half marathons a year, and last weekend was one of them.  The problem was that about six months ago she had a bunion removed; no small surgery, and by most accounts one should plan to take about a year off of running because of it.  But not her; she’s been out training, and the weekend was the big event…

So the event takes place in a very beautiful area; a 13.1 mile out and back for the marathoners, and the half marathoners get bussed out to the 13.1 mile mark, and have to run back to the finish.  As we do every year, this is her run, and I just do the 10K, then jog out to run the last 5 miles back in with her – so I get 6.2 hard miles, then a 5 mile jog, then 5 miles of run-walk; my kind of day!  My son and his friend did the 10K as well.

So the weather was a bit drizzly, but the event was filled, even the 10K this year – it’s a very popular run, although in honesty I’ve never been all that impressed with the course.  Take it from a guy that’s struggled to climb mountains in Colorado; a “view” of a lake really doesn’t impress me all that much – plus it’s just too darn flat!  But in any case, off we went.

The 10K was pretty non-eventful for me; a bit disappointing in hindsight really.  I’ve been holding 7:45 for 10 miles on tempo training runs of late, but this weekend I could only hold 7:30 for 6.2 – although at the last minute before the run I let my son use my Garmin, so maybe if I had it I would have realized I was slacking, but who knows (In fact I have a Garmin Blog Entry I plan to make on just this topic soon).  My son did set a PR though, which was pretty cool.  So after 6.2 of at least a fair tempo run, I started my trek out to find the Librarian; and did at her mile 8.  Actually surprisingly she was way ahead of schedule, and stayed at a great pace until mile 10, where her foot started to be a serious problem.

I have to say in all honesty the respect for her toughness I had; I could see the little tear in her eye as each step went down, and I could see as her lip curled up slightly higher, and look of determination crossed her face – and for 3 miles she pushed through it – amazing!  I was very proud of her, and she went on to finish with a pretty decent time!

The next morning I went out on the very nearby local trail system called the “ASAV” (clever, huh?) and did 12 medium in great weather.

All in all a great weekend, a great couple runs, and a lot of courage!

Oh, I’m hoping to find a 50 soon nearby and cheap, but since there doesn’t seem to be any, the Trail Slammer and I are talking about finding a way to “create” one in the coming weeks.  Either a 50K or 50M, nearby, no cost.  Stay tuned on that one….

Oh, why “Pinky Finger Run?”  Do I have to hold up my hand to show you the mitten?  :)

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