Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Hate 5K's !

So I’ve sworn to myself that if I hear this one more time, I was going to invest the time to commit it to a blog entry.  And it’s happened, AGAIN!  OMG, seriously, why do people think this, I don’t get it?!  “Doctor, what in the world are you talking about?!”  Oh sorry, here it is….  I’ve heard this so many times I’ve lost count – “Doctor, you’re planning on running a 5K; that must be a total joke to you, since you run 100 mile races!”

All right, once and for all, this could not be further from the truth.  I’ll just say it; I HATE 5K’s.  There ya have it.  I lose sleep the night before thinking about them.  I dread them.  I HATE them!  And why?  The answer is simple – they HURT!  They hurt allot!  I liken the 5K to holding your breath for 20 minutes; while every muscle, every nerve, and every pain relaying circuit in your body is saying STOP THIS!  To me, holding 6:30 pace (depending on the day) for 3.1 miles, is a totally miserable experience.

Let’s face it, how fast we run a race is a function of the race’s distance.  A 100 mile run is at a pace that is nothing short of sad when compared to marathon pace – and a runner running at marathon pace running a 5K is not running to their potential.  Any experienced runner knows that a 5K is a sprint, and you’re shorting yourself if you make it any less than that.  A 50 mile run, on the other hand, is a very complicated combination of running, walking, and eating – and lasts quite a long time.  A 5K just means sprint, try to breath, and endure the pain.  And I’ll tell you, mile 1.5 to 2.5 to me anyway is about as much pain as I’ve ever felt (and it’s even worse when children and old people pass me!)

No, I don’t like 5K’s, and yes, I dread them far more than a 50 mile run, although admittedly both are much harder than Everest.

There, I’ve got that off my chest.  Next week we’ll discuss 10K’s, and how I hate those too……


  1. Dr. -- I think you have hit upon it! Running sucks!! TS

  2. I agree on the 5km races but I hate one more thing, Garmin watches. Why do people wear them on short races, or even in marathons? You have markers every km, and the worst of all is that they beep all the time. I find myself trying to outrun the beeping and of course I get out of my rhythm and bonk. I heard Trail Slammers last audio and he loves the watch, tell him he's wrong, you are a Doctor he'll listen. BAN THEM ALL!