Friday, April 29, 2011

I Don't Want to be Friends....

So, what’s blog entry number one going to be about?  Well, last fall just after running a very successful 50 mile Race, I ran a local 100 mile run – and something bad happened.  I’m not sure how really, I think it was due to just getting off a plane from China 12 hours earlier, or maybe shoes that needed replacing (don’t even get me started on the ridiculous topic of barefoot running – once I learn how to run well with shoes I’ll try taking them off – and I’d suggest you consider this as well), but I managed to hurt my hip – allot!  I missed my favorite marathon of the season, even hosing "Gator Gal" who I told I’d run it with and help her BQ – because frankly I could barely walk a mile, let alone run one.

And this problem lasted for months!  Well, by the beginning of the year I was finally “running” again, but very, well, pedestrian…..  In fact my running was much like what I guess a weekend warrior type “runner” should be doing  – every other day 3 miles, a “long run” of a whopping 10 miles.  My relationship with running became that of a “friendship”.  It was “exercise”.  I hate exercise, and my relationship with running has always been something much more “dark” than a friendship – I’m an ultra runner – and I train very hard.  A good run means I’m hurting; this is my relationship with running, not “friends”.  I hate being just friends!

So yea, it’s Lady Gaga, and I like this song!  A bit old now, but a great running song, and the words hit home.  No, “I don’t want to be Friends”.  

20 Hard tomorrow….